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Lynn Wolf


Lynn was injured in a skiing accident in March of 2010.  She hit a tree, the tree won.  After 15 months of rehab because of the spinal cord injury as well as a traumatic brain injury, she returned to Minneapolis and graduate school.  She is a chemical engineer.  She never let her injury stop her from her dreams.  She is currently looking for a job in the engineering field. 

Lynn recently became a peer mentor for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to help others deal with everything that happens and changes after a spinal cord injury.  It is a long, hard process but she loves helping others through it. 

She partakes in the ABLE (Activity Based Locomotor Exercise) to improve strength, balance and fitness in general.  She has recently started track and also plays tennis, softball, and lacrosse.  She enjoys coaching kids wheelchair softball.  She loves being active even if sports are a little different now.  She went skiing one time to be able to say she can do everything she did before the accident.  The tree won the battle but Lynn won the war!