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Kelsey Peterson


Kelsey is a creatively driven soul.

Born and raised in Minnesota, like many girls she started dance classes at a young age, going on to graduate from the University of Montana with a BA in Dance.

Luckily, since her spinal cord injury in 2012, Kelsey has fought to find her essential creative outlet in making natural and therapeutic body care products that encourage self love, growth, and spiritual connection. This new purpose in life has made all the difference in coping with SCI and the change that demands.

Currently, other than working on her new body care line, Siren, she's spending the winter on the central coast of California with friends and family.

As a C6 quadriplegic/tetraplegic, she does require a lot of help in daily life, but she doesn't let that get in the way of living the extraordinary life she has always dreamed of. Although it's not as she imagined, it's still in her power to make it awesome.