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Neurogenic Bladder Symptom Score (NBSS)

The NBSS was designed as an objective and validated way to assess bladder symptoms in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction as a result of spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and spinal bifida.1,2 The objective of this instrument is to measure symptoms, not to assign relative value to them, or judge how they impact the patients’ quality of life. This is analogous to using the IPSS/AUASS to measure urinary symptoms in BPH.

The NBSS consists of 24 questions. The first question classifies patients by bladder management, but does not make up part of the numeric score. The remaining questions address 3 domains: incontinence, storage and voiding, and consequences. The final question is an overall quality of life question. The total score can range from 0 (no symptoms at all) to 74 (maximum symptoms). The median time to complete the NBSS is 6 minutes.

There is no charge to use the NBSS for academic research, or personal clinical use. Please complete the short user agreement form and return to Dr Blayne Welk for permission to use the NBSS. It is currently available in English and French.


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