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Take a few minutes to complete the form below to help you determine which bladder management option is best for you.

Learn more about your bladder managment options here.

1. Clarify your Choice:

What choice needs to be made? This decision aid is designed to help men and women with urinary retention due to spinal cord injury choose between options to empty their bladder.

What have you tried for your bladder? (select all that apply)

How far along are you with making a treatment choice for emptying your bladder?


2. Explore your Decision

What type of bladder management strategy would you like to learn more about? (select all that apply)

Which benefit or harms matter most to you?

Read through the grid of options to learn about the benefits and harms of options, and answer the following questions:

Which option do you prefer? (Select all that apply)

What role do you prefer in making your choice?

3. Identify your decision-making needs

Do you know the benefits and harms of each option?
Are you clear about which benefits and harms matter most to you?
Do you have enough support and advice to make a choice?
Do you feel sure about the best choice for you?

If you answer ‘no’ to any question, you can work through the steps above, focusing on your needs. People who answer “No” to one or more of these questions are more likely to delay their decision, change their mind, feel regret about their choice or blame others for bad outcomes.

(adapted from SURE test © 2008 O’Connor & Légaré)

4. Plan the next steps based on your needs

Are you ready to decide a next step?

If yes, please select which option you prefer and click submit.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the email you provided.